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Albion Alpha/Beta: Long Persistent Worlds With Danger

With regard to albion online gameplay, at the begining of each alpha/beta the population is HUGE but after a few weeks or months it always drops to the point where you can walk through PvP zones with very little worry. The beginning of each test is such an amazing time. By the way, it's worth mentioning that cheap albion online gold for sale.

Choosing a starting build, saving up for an island, making the trek to a black zone city with your guild in a huge caravan, staking a claim and fighting to keep it. But what if it could always be like this? Reduce the time to grind to high level gear, have long persistent worlds that exist until one guild reigns supreme and is deemed victorious. A multitude of gamers plan on buying cheap albion online gold

After a long war waging over a few months one guild dominates the land, but rather than Albion becoming a ghost town, it restarts with a resurgence in population and a new story begining to unfold and new adventures to be had. Or we'll just get a few new mechanics that make you have to grind more.

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